Self assessmenT Tools: Products and Services

We understand the need for the client to express themselves clearly.
These free systems make it easier to communicate the kind of services you need.

Service Request Tools

Service Request Tools, in the form of adaptive questionnaires, morph to your needs; providing guidance to services.
Information obtained then enables our team to respond to you accurately and adequately.

Creating plans and gathering design requirements for your new structure or design alterations for already existing structures or plans; with new age and latest Graphics Rendering Technology Services for Project presentation and illustrations

Provision of comprehensive, quantified and priced documentation on construction projects where all elements of material, labor, plant and equipment are described in detail.

Investigating the stability, strength and rigidity of  structures, providing structural analysis and design reports on structure capability and endurance; incorporating our high end Graphics Rendering Technology services for Project presentation and illustrations

For home decorations, new designs or alterations and maintenance.
These include color schemes, flooring materials, furniture and accessories.

For office layouts, workstation designs, office accessories and maintenance.
These include office furniture, color schemes and flooring materials.

Price Request & Purchase Tools

Price Request & Purchase Tools narrow down the product or service you need showing the price in real-time.
Whether you are just checking the price or intend to purchase, these tools provide a good avenue to plan.
They also provide options for purchase accompanied with a contract sent to you upon request completion. 
This makes us legally bound to deliver your product or service.