My Pride Africa

My Pride Africa is a Youth Empowerment Program that focuses on the development of African Youth.
We use different approaches to not only enrich and facilitate the economic growth of youthful African participants’
but also provide an avenue for guided peer information and safeguarding their mental health.


Focuses on the Mental Health and well-being of our African Youth.
In partnership with professional mental health practitioners, free spirited individuals and with the aid of different psychological tools, we focus on providing free mental health services or simple clarity to decision making; giving that needed support or simply a shoulder to cry on.
We are here for you.


Focuses on Youth Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.
We Identify Youthful Talents in expressive Art and commercializing their products to support their craftsmanship and efforts. These include creative Visual Art, Crafts and items of unique aesthetic value that can be advertised and sold through our commerce portal.
This effort is geared towards countering unemployment among African Youth.

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