My Pride Africa Event


My Pride Africa Event is an annual event designed to engage youth and established organizations to connect and inspire economic empowerment through
sustaining integrity, entrepreneurship and support; providing a conducive networking environment designed to inspire young entrepreneurs towards the
will to start and maintain their own businesses as a means to curb unemployment among youth in Kenya.


The event uses Acoustic Music, Paintings, other forms of Art & the provision of food and drinks to create a non-formal and relaxed environment to engage & encourage youth participation.

Information on relevant topics:

  • How to Start & Run a Company
  • Young Businesses and Funding,
  • Being a Young Boss,
  • Talent Focused Businesses &
  • Girl – Boy Power.

Series of Motivational Talks.
The event is an avenue for:

  • Social & Mental Health
  • Gender Empowerment

Through the involvement of participating organizations & speakers addressing Youth.

Provision of an advertising avenue for both established & start-up companies, enabling a conducive environment for mentorship, support and motivation

Linking potential clients to prospective young suppliers & providing information that will
benefit Young Companies towards growth and success


  • Showcase Youth focused Products while providing a platform supporting
    young entrepreneurs
  • Advertise through placing of banners, posters, flyers and projected display
    of your organization’s logo, products, services or mission
  • Lively, entertaining and unwinding nuance for your participating staff
    through building their social and business networks
  • Opportunity to contribute and participate in a local initiative towards
    the holistic improvement and betterment of Youth within Kenya.


  • Provision of Motivational Speakers & topic contribution that focus
    on Social, Gender and Economic Empowerment among Youth
  • Purchase of Tickets for your Young staff members to take part in the event as an engaging & educative Team Building experience.
  • Purchase of tickets to sponsor applying youth willing to participate
    but cannot afford the ticket fee.
  • Provide specialized services or products that will be endorsed
    in the event as a sponsorship opportunity

Yes! We provide several free tickets that are offered during our Radio, Television and other related media campaigns. We also have a category for Applied Free tickets. These are however limited for those who can not afford to pay for the event but will benefit from the experience and exposure, especially Social and Economic entrepreneurs. These come with several gifts and Privileges as well.

The aim of the event is to manage to get as wide a scope and spectrum of as many Young People as possible. We try as much as possible to get Organizations, Government parastatals, Politicians, Businesses and Individuals to buy tickets for young people.

For instance, if a group of youth within your Area Ward want to attend the event, you can give us the ‘heads-up’ and we will approach your Respective Member of County Assembly with a proposal and benefits on the youth’s behalf.

The same applies for young people working within Companies or Organization, where we will approach the firm on your behalf after contacting us with your interests of being part of the event.

Free Tickets are usually time restricted with a “first come first serve basis” and its best to keep in touch with the event’s progress to know when they are available.

Thanks to Our 2018 Sponsors