My Pride Africa: Ascension

Ascension is a mental health program targeting the African society.
Focusing on Youth, the program is designed to transform their perspective on mental health;
enabling them to identify psychological intervention as a reliable and scientific means of obtaining help.
Ascension provides Psychological Assessment Tools and links to individuals and organizations ready to provide professional or peer assistance.

Self Assessment Tools

Depression Symptoms Checker A

(Platform: Mobile & PC compatible | Duration: 5-10 minutes)
This free short assessment provides a snapshot of depression symptoms(if any) with explanations of intervention options that are more appropriate for you.

Depression Symptoms Checker B

(Platform: Mobile & PC compatible | Duration: 15-25 minutes)
This free extensive assessment provides a more comprehensive analysis  of depression symptoms  (if any) with explanations of intervention options that are more appropriate for you.

Big 5 Personality Test

(Platform: Mobile & PC compatible | Duration: 15-30 minutes)
This free assessment test quantify behavioral attributes to identify an individual’s personality in reference to their Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness to experience.

M.B.T.I Personality Test

(Platform: Mobile & PC compatible | Duration: 20-25 minutes)
This free assessment test quantify behavioral attributes to identify an individual’s personality among the 16 personality types based on Carl Jung’s personality type theory using MyersBriggs Type Indicator.

Offline Extensive Personality Test

(Platform: Only Windows PC compatible | Duration: 3 hours – 72 hours)
This free rigorous assessment test is a combination of both M.B.T.I and Big 5 personality tests. Its offline feature caters for its long duration requirement with resume capability and providing instant feedback and extensive report on user personality.

Intervention Options

I need to talk to a Professional

Professional AssistanceInvolves programmed online sessions for a period of six week with a mental health profession. Session notes will be taken with all confidential protocols apply. These services are free for the time duration.

I just need someone to talk to

Buddy Assistance: Involves an online support system of giving and receiving help founded on the key principles of shared experience, responsibility and mutual agreement of what is helpful. This support setting builds on naturally occurring support relationships. This service is free and not bound to time duration.

Music and Mental Health

Music Therapy: This is only available for Rehabilitation Institutions. Involves the use of music therapy techniques (in accordance with A.M.A.T.A Standards of clinical practice) to provide individuals in substance abuse treatment the opportunity to address the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of recovery.
Due to need of physical presence of facilitators and instrument logistics, this service is cost shared.

Are you interested in giving a helping hand to Ascension?