Who We Are

R.I.D.C.o L.T.D is a registered design company.
We specialize in Architectural Drafting, CAD Services, Interior Design and Implementation.

What We Do

Our work is interpreting ideas by Creating Technical Visual Descriptions :
2D Drafting
3D Modelling & Graphics Rendering Services
Structural Design
Interior Design
Furniture Design Customization (Cutting list, assembly & installation)
We further facilitate Planning, implementation & execution/construction of said Designs

Our Leadership

Laurie N. Wekesa
Chief Executive Officer

A Structural Engineer with exceptional brilliance in her discipline.
Her aptitude to architecture & structural design is remarkable.
She is well respected among her colleagues and peers; her workmanship speaks for itself and her great skills in leadership testify to the success of R.I.D.C.o LTD this far.
Despite her excellence and titles, she is down to earth and approachable; attributes that have led her to demand respect and exercise her roles efficiently.

Nelson K. Mwalaghe
Managing Partner

 An Industrial/Organizational Psychologist (I/O-P) with an impressive nick to exceed limits while addressing human, organizational & company logistics.
As our resident administrator, he has been identified to be a quick learner and coined ‘Jack of All Trades‘ within our organization.
His flexibility and intolerance to failure has enabled quick recovery and progress of many projects within the company. Above all, he is an effective listener & motivator.

Where Do I Start?

Get in touch with us and let our team bear the load from here.